Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lucy's Testimony

I was raised in a Christian household, going to church. I have fond memories of all the clubs and summer camps I went to. After every camp I would come home professing to be a Christian- I did believe in God, but when I was back in the ‘real world’, surrounded by my peers I would go back to how I normally lived- pleasing myself.

One of the sermons at the camp had a particular effect on me. It was something along the lines of that God would only give you so many chances if you knew that you had to turn to him and repent and kept ignoring Him. It was the jolt I needed to get out of the seesawing I found myself doing every year. I prayed that God would forgive my sins and come into my life.( I had prayed this prayer a couple of times before in my younger years but I’m not sure that if on my part it was more of a test to see what would happen or if God was working in me from a young age.)

I probably kept this up for a little bit longer, but I soon went back to my old ways when I went to high school and entered my teenage years! I spent the years going along with everyone else, not wanting to miss out, and experimenting with different things. Throughout these years I suppose I was aware of my conscience telling me that these things were not right for me but I continued to ignore it.

It was then, on a night out in London, in a club at about 3 or 4am, when I had this voice/very strong feeling that it was very much time to stop what I was doing and turn to God once and for all- sort of like my last chance!

It was quite a dramatic transformation (of course it wasn’t a smooth or perfect one by any means!) but it did shock the daylights out of my friends and boyfriend, Paul (now husband). I went from partying hard to living for Christ, reading my bible, reading books and going to church. My attitude and outlook on life changed, literally overnight. Even when the times come when I feel a failure and slip back into my old ways, God picks me up, dusts me off, teaches me and we carry on together.

Looking back God has always been there for me, even though I hardly gave him a second thought until it suited me. I thank God for this: if it was left to me I’d be in big trouble. He has even blessed us by involving us in a church plant, which is something that I would have probably run a mile from it’s such a daunting task, but it is wonderful when God reveals His plans for you. It confirms that He is firmly in control.
My testimony is proof of the power of the Holy Spirit changing and renewing us daily from within and this will show externally. We are lost to ourselves and it is all to Gods’ glory when we are transformed and converted as a Christian.

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